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Is family life proving more challenging than you imagined?

If you feel overwhelmed, if you’re struggling to communicate, don’t understand what’s going on and can’t seem to make things better… then I can help.

Working together, I can help you to:

• See things in new ways and respond differently
• Learn practical skills for dealing with conflict
• Rebuild communication and trust
• Manage feelings
• Get on better with your teenager
• Feel confident about being a parent

I’m Liz Norris, a family specialist working in Exeter with 25 years’ experience.

Call me. 01392 759611.

“Liz helped us learn to communicate” Helena, Penzance

“Without Liz’s guidance and support I would never have been such a good parent” Claire, Cornwall

“I am eternally grateful to her” Elanor, London

Family Frameworks…nurturing family relationships

‘There is no such thing as a perfect parent – so just be a real one’ Sue Atkins – radio and TV presenter.

We all deserve to have a family environment that is safe, fun and gives everyone the chance to fulfil their potential. That does not mean perfect… at all. It means real and honest, where the adults feel a confidence about their role… a confidence that they can pass on to their children.

My name is Liz  and I am a parenting specialist. I have worked in the field for over 25 years and I understand the struggles we all face as parents.

It has been said – and I tend to agree – that being a parent is the hardest job in the world.

All parents want to do their best – yet in spite of good intentions the unwanted war breaks out… again. Once again we find ourselves saying things we don’t mean in a tone we don’t like.

That was my experience when my children were young, struggling to know how to behave for the best in so many situations. Through parenting support I learned a lot more about myself and my children, and life changed… for the better.

Now, after a career helping parents, I can help you  find new ways to respond to challenges… so that everyone’s self-esteem stays intact, and you have new options, new ways of avoiding situations and dealing with problems that arise – new perspectives which bring about positive outcomes and help with nurturing our children into happy, fulfilled, responsible adults… phew!

More about me
My background and experience

Real life stories
Read how other parents’ lives have changed

How I work
Find out how I can help you

Contact me
for a free of charge, no obligation chat, text or phone 07966 579 924, or email liz@familyframeworks.org



Positive Parenting Facilitator
License No: 7044630